by Satomi


Dear Sweeties' friends, 
Hope everyone is well! I've just come back from the winter break and I'm looking forward to the New Year! I hope the last year has been a great year of learning, discovering and of joy. Right now, I am loving the weather. Today it is sunny but to my surprise it is still snowing. These snowflakes aren't small though, they are surprisingly huge! I thought they were from some kind of flower at first but later discovered (after someone pointed it out) that it was in fact snow. Japan has lots of great, little surprises like that which I love. I also had an awesome time in Sapporo and saw the famous powdered snow. I can definitely say that i was not disappointed at all! It was amazing. The beauty of God's creation overwhelms me with how great He is! Coming from Australia, snow is something that I don't see often so I just love it! My trip has made me wonder who it was that invented skiing and snowboarding. Does anybody know? Personally, I think skiing is easier to learn for fun, in the short moment that you have to learn, but I think snowboarding is something that I want to master because it looks like so much fun if you know how to. Snowboarding was definitely the harder one to learn but the challenge to learn it is pretty appealing. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! I'm looking forward to our conversations this year!
Love from Lydia.