by Satomi

Hi everyone! My name is Diana. It's my first time to write in here. As you may know, Sweeties has lot of co-workers from many countries. While I haven't said where I came from, how about I'll give you some hints so you can guess which country I came from.
My country known for having rich cultures and varieties of food. We're surrounded by beautiful nature, and that's why a lot of tourists come to my country to explore its nature site. (there are 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites spread all over my country!). Unlike Japan, we only have two seasons which is dry season and wet season, so you may be feeling warm (or maybe hot?) if you come to visit  my country. The last hint is probably the most critical hint that will give you idea where my country is... 
It is known as 'the country that have thousands of islands'.

So, can you guess which country is it?