by Satomi

Hello everyone! It`s been a while meeting you people! 

I believe everyone suffered from the coldness this year. Although it was fabulous to see white snow flakes,

snowman, and beautiful illuminations, I believe it snowed too much... It was more like a blizzard....

But I have a good news for you^^ 

Freezing winter is going to end soon and we will be able to see cherry-blossom! Spring is coming soon!

We can take off our heavy and thick winter coat. We can go to see flowers under cool breeze and dazzling 

sunshine of beautiful garden, or park. So...Everyone should prepare to meet spring!

I cannot wait! OMG I am so excited!!

By the way, I also would like to tell you my recent life.

Recently I am really struggling with semester exam... I hope the exam ends soon....(XD)

But once the exam is over, I will be able to greet "my upcoming spring vacation"!

I am planning to go back to my hometown, Korea for a month. It`s been almost a half a year

that I have not visited my country so I am really excited. I am so craving for the delicious foods in Korea,

such as samgyeopsal (grilled pork), Korean styled chicken, Tteokbokki (rice cake with spicy sauce), and etc...

I truly recommend you to visit Korea if you have any chance!

There are a lot and a lot of delicious foods (although they`re quite spicy~)

I cannot wait for my exam to get done, to enjoy vacation, go back to my country, and...

also to meet everyone at spring! I hope to meet you in a delightful mood~


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