by Satomi

Dear friends of Sweeties, 

This is Lydia, from Australia. How are you?

I cannot believe that I have already spent about four months in Japan. This is why we use the common phrase "Where has the time gone?". Sometimes, we use this phrase when we want to leave and event. This realisation has led me to some recent thoughts about how our time on earth is very short. It seems that the older we get, the more we realise that time has passed us by. Death is not something we should ignore, it happens everyday. Everyone faces death. So, my question for you today is, 'what will you do with your time?', 'What are you pursuing? Is it worth it?', 'What do you value the most and will you be able to take it with you?'. For me, I think I have already got all the answers to these questions but the question that challenges me today is "Will you be willing to give up comfort for pursuing something that you think is worth it?". When we think of people in history, we admire the people who gave up everything to pursue a cause that they thought was more important than their own lives. For example, in Australia we honour our soldiers who gave up their lives to defend our country. In the movie 'Avatar', the protagonist sees the importance of protecting the Indigenous tribe to the point of becoming an avatar himself. He bravely fights for a worthy cause and is recognised as admirable by the audience. Most successful films encompass stories that have a protagonist who struggle to fight for a worthy cause, and it is admirable because even when they suffer many things, they eventually achieve it in then, and even if they don't we still admire characters for trying their best. My hope for you, to everyone who is reading this, is that you all discover what you think is of most value, (something that will last even after death and something that will be remembered) and with that something, pursue it, treasure it, protect it, and share it, because at least by doing so you will be satisfied at the end of your life. The important thing is to first, discover what will satisfy you in the end. Thank you for reading. Looking forward to our next meeting at Sweeties.

Wishing you all the best,

from Lydia.


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