by Satomi

Dear friends of Sweeties',

How are you today?
The holidays are coming up soon and I only have a few more exams left. (If you have exams or a deadline for something work-related, i wish you all the best.) Since I will have a lot of time in the holidays, I have decided to go through two Japanese language books, one for grammar and one for kanji. I've already started and I am pretty excited about them. My goal is to become fluent in Japanese before I leave Japan. I've decided to adopt a few new habits to improve my speaking. I actually found this idea on YouTube, watching a TED ex video (I watched a few actually). I hope these techniques will help me and maybe it will help you too. Aside from working at Sweeties Cafe, I am going to try my best to adopt a 'No English Rule'. If I don't speak English, I think it will force me to speak more Japanese. If you want to improve your English, maybe you can apply a 'no Japanese rule' to people you meet who can speak English. I have also decided to adopt the habit of having conversations with myself in Japanese, while taking showers. Obviously, this can be done anywhere, and not just confined to the shower. Again, this is not my idea, but it is one I found on YouTube. Another idea for my language improvement, is to try and think in Japanese. Maybe you could try to think in the language you want to become fluent in too. If anybody tries any of the things mentioned above, I'd love to know if it is working for you. It's okay to make mistakes because that is how we learn. Making mistakes shows that you are trying and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you are still reading this, I'd like to say thank you for making it this far and I hope to see you soon at Sweeties!

Looking forward to it,
from Lydia.


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