by Satomi

Hello everyone, I think it's safe to say that winter is over now. So yeah, I just survived my second winter in Japan...two cheers for me!Time flies, as the saying goes. It will be exactly two years next month (April 2017) since I came to Japan. A lot of things have happened, but I still feel like I just got here...meeting new people everyday, finding new food, "nikudofu" (Is that the correct spelling?) is one of my current favorite. Just found out about it too. And I am still having a good time here.

A while back I was coming back to Saijo from Hiroshima city and I was so tired I fell asleep on the train. Silly me, I missed my stop. The train conductor woke me up when the train reached the terminal. Good thing the train was only going to Shiraichi!  But it's all fun times man, fun times :)

I think my Japanese is improving...or maybe not. But at least I no longer confuse "itadakimasu" with "ittekimasu". People used to get a good laugh whenever I did that. But yeah, that's regular me having regular fun in Japan. I am looking forward to my next regular sized adventure. Until then, how about you come out to Sweeties and share your awesome stories with everybody? We are always waiting!