by Satomi

Hello again! 

This week I went to the snow for two days with a bunch of friends to celebrate a friend's birthday. It was such a fun day. We all had a great time and stayed in a nice little lodge. We left the Ikenoue Dormitory at 6:30 in the morning and drove to Geihoku. On the way there we played shiritori, a Japanese word game. It was super fun. When we arrived, we hired all our rental gear, ready to start snowboarding and skiing. I went snowboarding the first day and then skiing the second day. Unfortunately it was raining heavily on the first day so everyone was soaked. It was my second time I've ever been snowboarding so I really wanted to get better at it. The weather did not help at all. I ended up staying in the Cafeteria half the time with my friend Lily. I fell a lot, but after falling once you're not afraid of falling again, I think for me, getting up was the hard part. It always is in life... Anyway, we were all so wet that we decided to go to an onsen(a hot spring) nearby after we'd checked in at the lodge. The lodge was super cute and it had two floors. The onsen was so relaxing, especially after being covered in bruises from falling and then being soaked in rain. We were all freezing so it was nice to be warm. After that, we went back to our lodge and had nabe (hot pot) together. There was eleven of us but we had so much food that we couldn't finish it all. We decided to eat the left-overs for breakfast. There was alcohol too which was nice. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. The next day the birthday boy decided to wake us up with his music pumped through the huge speaker that one of us brought. After we had breakfast, we packed and I was so ready ski. The best part was that it was sunny and there was no rain. Praise God! This time I was outside the cafeteria a whole lot more. I fell over multiple times but I can honestly say that I did improve. I even chose to go down the steeper slope but it was so terrifying and I couldn't go straight down like my friends, Alyssa and Bea did. I ended up taking detours and going off course. I fell again, obviously, but I survived. I felt like I was going to die though. Haha. We all had such a great time that we kept skiing and snowboarding till the lift access had closed. It was a great trip. The best thing was that I had mad new Japanese friends that were all so hospitable and genuinely lovely people. I hope we can go on a trip together again soon! Every moment of that trip was a joy, even the rain because Lily and I made new friends whilst talking with strangers. We even got their instagram. I can only thank God for that. He has truly blessed me with life. 

Thank you for reading.

Hope to see you soon at Sweeties.

From Lydia.

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