by Satomi


My name is Ratih, and it is so nice to be able to meet new people here. Surely one of the best experiences I have ever had!
I have been living in Japan for the last nine months (I think? Hahaha) and I love this country more than what I realized before. The chilly weather in Saijo is really nice, the scenery is so beautiful and breathtaking, and of course, the people are friendly!

The last autumn gave me such a warm 'welcome' when I first came to Hiroshima. The sun was still comfortably strong and everything seemed so bright and lively. I visited many places and attended some matsuri and all of them were so cool! One thing that, perhaps, I will never forget about, is the maple leaves falling from the trees and turning into a pool of red on the street. Such a scenery it was. It was desperately beautiful because the leaves were actually dying, but still, they were enchanting. Momiji. One word to remind me of how captivating the autumn in Japan is.

Then, the winter came after that. The already chilly weather in Saijo was getting even cooler once the winter took its place. I thought that I did not like winter that much. It hurt when you could not feel your fingers because of the very low temperature. But, again, I was melted by the scenery once the snow started falling. Saijo turned into a Snow Country. It reminded me a lot of the novel, Yukiguni. Thus, I realized that I actually love winter in Japan.

Now, I am spending an extremely beautiful and colorful spring, when the flowers are blooming. I saw the Sakura and did the hanami. The air smells so nice and flowery. The sky is always blue, even though sometimes it rains. The wind is still strong, but everything is starting to get warmer again. All of them are really priceless. I can't thank the nature enough for giving the spring season into the world, especially to Japan.

So, after that, the summer will be coming soon, won't it? I'm waiting for the summer experience I'll have in summer.

See you!