by Satomi

Hello everyone! Long time no see! This is Jo and I'm one of your dear staff members. 

It's getting extremely cold recently!

Can you believe it's almost reaching minus degree.

I can't believe that winter is already coming. . 

I recently caught a cold and I will have to take mid-term exams starting next week...

Please help me!! (Just joking) 

But also be aware that we are about to meet our first snow and illuminations! 

Also we are going to have Christmas almost in a month! Aren't you excited?

I am super excited!! 

Make sure you don't catch a cold so try to wear warm clothes and drink a lot of warm waters. 

I am looking forward to meet you all. 

See you with a smiling face. 

Joに書いてもらいました♪ そして今日は祝日ですので木曜日ですが、初心者デイではなくいつもの英会話カフェで2時~5時の営業となります!皆さまのご来店心よりお待ち致しております。