by Satomi

Hello again, it's Ratih here!

I am writing this right now, knowing that I'll be leaving really soon. I need to go back to my country within a week. Time flies really really fast, doesn't it? And honestly, it kinda hurts. I'm not even leaving yet but I have missed Japan so much. He-he.

For the past two months, I've been over-thinking, like, so so much. I really didn't want to go home. I cried one night, was afraid that if I went back home, I would not be able to come to Japan again. That sounds nonsense and pathetic and helpless. But I just couldn't think clearly at that time.

My love for this country is overflowing. I found so many beautiful places here that I wanted to call 'my home'. I heard the history that made my heart beat faster. I am easily touched by interesting fact and history about a place to the extent I feel like crying. And I have found so many of them here, in Japan, especially in Hiroshima.

I have always had the same dream ever since I was a little kid, that one day I could live in Japan. I finally reached a tiny bit of my dream, but one year is not enough if it's not a forever. I still am grateful and happy, though, to be able to experience this one year of daily life in Japan. Definitely the best year in my life ever.

Oh! By the way, last month, I went to Tokyo with my HUSA friends and I was like, "Finally everything that I've read in the manga becomes real!" He-he. And as I expected before, Tokyo is such a busy city. It perhaps never sleeps. I was having a really great time there. Thank you, Tokyo!

Now is summer time, and the weather is so hot (and it's kinda humid sometimes and bugs everywhere). However, I'm not even bothered at all. It's really hot in my country too, Indonesia, every day, but here everything feels different. Ha-ha.

In SweetieS, I have met a lot of wonderful people. I feel so blessed to have had a talk with all of you. I really want to thank you for all the stories that you have shared with me, the advice that you have given so I didn't lost my way, the ears that were listening to my boring story as well, and of course, the meeting itself. It's really precious, it's near a miracle if I could say. They are all priceless and I will keep them in my mind, in my memory, in my heart, forever.

I have learnt so many things from this country, from the people, from everything here, every day. No words can describe how grateful I am for all of that. I could say thousands of 'thank you' and I would still feel those were never enough. This one year means a lot to me and to my life. I need to come back here again in the near future.

Thank you.