by Satomi

Hello, everyone! Emil here! I've just met with Satomi-san recently and had begun working with her at SweetieS Cafe. So far, it has been a great learning experience to do English conversation and to teach the English language as well to Japanese people.

I am actually pursuing my graduate studies in Hiroshima University; I am focusing on food microbiology and hygiene as my major. On top of my studies, I always find myself spending a good time while working part-time at the cafe. I continually learn ideas about Japanese culture from the various conversations I've had with the people.

So that's a brief overview about me. Can you guess which country I am from? I actually come from a neighboring country of Japan! This country is famous for its fruits (especially those bananas, mangoes, durian fruits) as well as its typhoons! I'd like to think that the people in my country are hospitable and very friendly. Most of its citizens speak English well. Recently, our president has become infamous in global news (this is a dead giveaway!).