by Satomi

Hi everybody! 
Look at the sky! Just in a couple of days weather is totally changed!
Yes, fall is coming soon, and many new students will come to the Hiroshima university. 
You may have seen this sentence in top of the entrance door of Saijo station: `Welcome to Saijo, capital of Sake`! Every year many tourists and visitors will come to enjoy the taste of Saijo`s sake in Sake festival. 
This year, it`s scheduled on October 7 and 8. Let`s join the festival and enjoy! 

I remember two years ago when I came to Japan I really surprised! The city was very quiet during first week of my stay and then, at weekend a huge population of visitors in the city!!! I thought I`m dreaming :))) But it was true. Many people had come here with their families or friends to enjoy the festival: sake, snacks, music, parade and ... 
Ah God! Two years is passed and I still can not speak Japanese well :( It`s now like a dream for me! I need a good text book in Japanese-English but I could not find any in the library of university. Do you know any good text book? Have you ever seen a related book at the library or book store?
If you have some good idea for learning Japanese, please let me know :)
I really need to learn and speak Japanese! 
Learning new language is so fun! Let`s talk about it in Sweetie cafe! 
Hope to see you at Sweetie!