by Satomi

Hi everybody!

Well, I had a very nice day today. I hope you had too. There was a festival at Hiroshima International Plaza (HIP) which is called "Amazing World Festival". This event usually is held every six months at there, and is organized by Hiroshima International Center (HIC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

It`s a very well organized event that foreigners who are residing in Saijo try to show a part of their culture or customs in different ways like making handcrafts, playing games, wearing traditional clothes, playing musical instruments and etc. 

Japanese children with their families take part the festival and try to communicate with foreigners. 

Today, I learned to them how they can make an Iranian Kite! 

I wore one of my traditional Iranian clothes. I was a women in red! hahaaa :) And we made more than 80 kites with patterns which inspired from Iranian traditional patterns. It was really amazing. 

Each country has its own things which makes it especial ... 

Let`s come to the Sweeties cafe and talk about our culture, history, customs, food and ... 

The Weather is great specially in autumn. Don't stay at home, don`t be lazy ;) 

I`m looking forward to see you here in Sweeties :)