by Satomi

Hello everyone. Long time no see! This is your dear staff member Jo!! 
How are you everyone? I am so excited for my new  semester, but on the other hand
I am also pretty sad that my summer vacation has almost ended. 
How was your vacation?
Last month, I went to America to visit one of my best friends! I stayed at Florida for 10 days.
Has anyone heard of the state named Florida? Florida is a state located at the East Southern part of America. It has lots of beautiful beaches and wonderful foods. 
It was super hot there that I got a lot of tans on my body. 
My trip to Florida was indeed, one of my best moments in my life.
Anyway I cannot wait for the new semester. 
Is everyone aware of upcoming Sake Matsuri held on next week?
I am also planning to go to Sake Matsuri with my friends so I hope to meet you there! 
Have a nice day!
Thank you very much!