by Satomi

Hello everyone
This is Benjamin writing to everyone here again.
How is everyone? I hope everyone here is doing well.

Today I like to share my experience with all of you here about my travel to Australia.
I had traveled to Australia the whole of last month. I went to four different places; Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne and Canberra, spending one week each.

My first stop is Sydney. I went to the famous opera house, rose bay, hornby lighthouse lady bay beach & bondi beach. I took a ferry from circular quay which is near opera house to rose bay. I walked to lady beach and then hornby lighthouse. After that I took a bus to bondi beach. Bondi beach is famous for surfing because of its strong wave. I saw a lot of surfers being stranded near to the shore because the current on that day was too strong. I took several photos and a video of the beach.

My next stop was Hobart. Hobart is a small and quiet town. It is different from cities like Sydney or Melbourne.
The day I arrived was Sunday night. After I have arrived, I have not ate my dinner. I went to the city of Hobart to get my dinner. But the whole city was in pitch dark. Almost all shops were closed. Finally I found a Chinese restaurant which was still operating and I had some food from there and head back to hotel. Hobart is famous for seafood as it is near to sea. I had tried its fish and chips at Hobart and it taste really good. Hobart is also famous for its beef. If you like light beers, you should try their local beer "Cascade Draught".

After Hobart, I head off to Melbourne. The feeling at Melbourne seems to be different from Sydney. It seems to be more lively and traffic seems to be busier. There are much more trams and people compared to Sydney. I went to its night market which is held every Wednesday. The night market starts at 1700 hours. If you wish to avoid the crowd I advise you should arrive there at 1700 hours. Crowd starts coming at 1800 hours. There are plenty of food stalls, some souvenir stalls and a performing stage. 

I shall not share my experience at Canberra. I will save that for you to explore yourself.