by Satomi

Hello! my name is Samuel Larson, but everyone calls me Sam. I am from the United States and I grew up in the state of Minnesota. I come from a small town named Stillwater that is right next to a large river. Back home my hobbies were playing games with my friends and playing the piano. 

This year I have come to study at Hiroshima University. I arrived here in late September and I`ll be here until August of next year. In Japan I want to work to improve my Japanese and meet lots of new people. In the future I hope to become an English teacher so I am looking for similar kinds of experiences. I also want to see as much as I can of Japan. If I have time I want to see if I can go around and see some parts of Japan. 

I look forward to meeting new people and talking to them while I am at Sweeties. I think it would be great to get to know some regular customers. Hope everyone is having a good fall and I hope to see you soon!